Smart Backup : Backup files the easy way

si Juki

Getting inspiration from the image, I created a backup software that were easy to use.

Income Report November 2015 : It’s been a difficult month

This month is a difficult one, I had so many internal struggle .. hey, I’m trying you know .. I kind of forget to write this past 2 days, so here I go.

After declaring on last month income report to go all the way in the game zone, I kind of got into hard procrastination, I got confused again like the usual *teehee* and it’s all repeated days after days, weeks after weeks.

It turns out that worrying is not solving any of my problems, I still got this want to quit my job thing, but I made some improvement this month, still no money worth gaining.

Work Office
It’s been 2 weeks that I go to my office at sunday, because I got sleepyhead if I go in monday morning, so I was thinking why not just go night before ?

Income Report October 2015 : Let the Game Begin

make-money-online After some good little nap, I decide to write this post. This month was probably the most important month for me, where after a long confusion I then decided to end it.

Let the game begin.

Yes, I finally made up my mind to dedicate to games.. working on the games area, such as making games, or game assets, or well what I can do at the moments ?

Where all start

I was working at an office, as a web developer, but my job was different, work time were 55 hours a week, my paycheck is low. I’ve never work before so this was my first job, introduce by friend, I wanted to quit but can’t cause of family reason. I’ve worked more than a year, so in the time span I got tired, I got bored, I got sick of work … something clearly has to change !

Visual Studio 2012 error : No export were found

Visual Studio 2012

Visual Studio 2012

Today, when I open my old project there was this error “No exports were found that match the constraint”, I then search google for this problem and the solution is fairly simple.

This error happen when I installed new unity 5.2.1f, the installer installed visual studio 2015, the problem is solved by clearing Visual Studio Component Model Cache.

Journey starts now, the game has been set

Journey starts now, I’ve always wanted to write about this :)

My first target goal is to get $300 a month in less than 1 year, not much .. but that’s enough for a month. If this first target is acquired then I can start working at home developing games. My primary target income is from making games / apps, but there’s also other kind of income making type, so it will not limited to only making games or apps.

I was an introvert, I like chatting with people online, but sometimes rather like to be alone in offline. I like reading (light) novels, anime / manga, and games is a no brainer.

At first I were confused on what should I do, but time passed and this confusion shall not continued. So here I am … I always like games, sometimes for the gameplay, sometimes the graphics. It was a hobby, learning programming and coding games.

Pentingnya Nama Domain Dalam Usaha


Kali ini saya akan membahas mengenai nama domain, mengapa penting dalam usaha, dan apa yang harus kamu lakukan untuk mengamankan nya.

Kamu yang sudah lama bergabung di dunia blogging mungkin sudah mengenal apa itu domain, namun untuk pemain baru saya akan menjelaskan, bahwa nama domain itu adalah nama yang kamu ketikkan di address bar browser kamu.

Nama domain itu unik, artinya tidak bisa ada nama domain yang sama persis, itu sebab nya ketika kamu ingin membeli nama domain tertentu terkadang sudah di register / miliki oleh orang lain.

Portfolio : Simple website inventory

Project CI Simple Inventory

Project CI Simple Inventory

A simple inventory that involved in adding products, stocks, sales and report by using Codeignitier framework and bootstrap.

Pos Inventory

Login demo
User : admin
password : admin

Portfolio : Nyubot


Nyubot main Page


Nyubot is an online vending search for Indonesian Ragnarok Online ( idRO ). Made with PHP and Javascript to make it interactive without loading another page , and perl as an engine to gather data from the game.

Openkore was used as data input ( perl modified ) and PHP as back-end, Nyubot is a Ragnarok Online (idRO) game vending searcher and megaphone chat and guild war saver.

Not Available

Farm Fruit Cookies Crush : Android Games

After publishing swip ( apps got taken down ) , I make some improvement on some graphics and release the second one Farm Fruit Cookies Crush, available at google play.

The games still the same, a Match 3 type games, only using different image and graphics.

Farm Fruit Cookies Crush Match 3

DrawTextureWithTexCoords Example and Tutorial in Unity

A few weeks earlier I was confused in how to use the DrawTextureWithTexCoords, searching with google gave no results, yes there are fews example and perhaps tips, but those are unclear to me.

Fortunatelly after trial and error, I finally understand how this function really works, stick to me for more explanation.

Unity Documentation :

DrawTextureWithTexCoords(Rect position, Texture image, Rect texCoords, bool alphaBlend = true);

Position : Rectangle on the screen to draw the texture within.
Texture : Texture to display.
texCoords : How to scale the image when the aspect ratio of it doesn’t fit the aspect ration to be drawn within.
alphablend : Whether to alpha blend the image on to the display (the default). If false, the picture is drawn on the display.

For more simple explanation,